Design In Question Installation: Design Nomads

  1. What is this thing called graphic design criticism? Parts I & II by Rick Poynor and Michael Rock
  2. Education and professionalism, or what’s wrong with graphic design education by Katherine McCoy
  1. We agreed that because of our multidisciplinary and multifaceted nature, graphic designers struggle with feeling grounded in the field. Thus, we are nomads in the professional world, living between art, technology, and culture.
  2. Tension exists beyond structure and freedom in design. There’s tension between design practice and criticism, practical and critical design, tenure and talent. We’re constantly within a grey area, which isn’t necessarily bad, but how much do we need to define?
  3. In terms of craft, we found that graphic design sits at a crossroads of technical and artisanal, technical and conceptual. We are unique in that our process of achieving an output is never formulaic, and that our freedom does not equal direction.
  4. the structure of the field affects its accessibility. We are not seen as professionals, and graphic design requires a degree of demystification in order for it to be understood and valued. But establishing a clear structure and hierarchy for the professional world to see may affect the accessibility of graphic design, possibly making it easier or harder to enter than we want it to.
  5. We examined the function of graphic design itself beyond capitalism. As a profession that largely functions as a spectrum of customer attraction & retention, we needed to evaluate the value of graphic design and the problems it actually solves.



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Angela Lian

Angela Lian

Graphic design student at Boston University