If this semester was an ice rink, I forgot my skates and decided to melt the ice and go swimming instead. Also, I’m terrible at swimming but managed to stay afloat. “Stay afloat” is actually a phrase I’ve ended my journal entries with since February 2020. Despite so many challenges academically, emotionally, and physically, I was able to create work that I’m proud to reflect on in Senior Studio.

The theme of the semester was collaboration. I’ll admit that I have a hard time working in groups sometimes, but looking back, I’m really glad I had so much group work…

We’re lucky we got a fireside chat, even though the world’s on fire.


As a class, we were asked to read two chapters from the Graphic Design Reader, a set of essays from design history:

  1. What is this thing called graphic design criticism? Parts I & II by Rick Poynor and Michael Rock
  2. Education and professionalism, or what’s wrong with graphic design education by Katherine McCoy

After reading, our group (Angela Lian, Eleanor Schiltz, Emily Bowen, Chinwe Oparaji, Jay Li) each came ‘round the table to meet, with 25 questions from both articles. Our team was one of the…

Case Study is a research video project that juxtaposes three different artists in order to make new connections between dance and design. I chose to structure the video as two simultaneous conversations, one between Leo Walk and myself, and one between Na Kim and myself.

Leo Walk is a dancer (and my favorite dancer) from Paris whose organic and poetic style breaks the codes of hip-hop and contemporary. Na Kim is a graphic designer based in Seoul and Berlin who values graphic design as a tool and as an extension. …

The made and the makers: Angela Lian and Ellie Schiltz

It’s funny to think our first idea for this project was the concept of living on Mars. Space took many meanings throughout our process. The Hyperakt case study we chose as a starting point was Designing a learning space about learning spaces, which dealt with disrupting and reimagining educational spaces in the age of “digital edgelessness.” The second idea that branched off of this case study became a self-study of our own learning spaces, both in school and in the design field.

HiRes is a residency concept that Ellie and I came up with in the beginning as a response…

This project stumped me the most, no doubt. There were so many requirements to consider, them being: three 30–45-second videos, interpreting community, non-linear narrative, and square compositions that must loop. I found it hard to start anywhere because it didn’t make sense to me yet.

My first idea was based on a tool we had just learned in After Effects, the 3D Camera. I thought of creating a 3D space using drawings of each wall of a room to then be assembled using the tool. My second idea was to structure the three videos as a performance with an intro…

Upon first reading Gertrude Stein’s “Tender Buttons”, I was caught off guard by the interesting cadence and association of words with certain subjects. Therefore, I wanted to first choose two subjects that I was familiar with visually before diving into the complexity of the poetry. I chose Eggs and Milk because these are two subjects I’ve worked with visually in the past and have enjoyed photographing.

My word: Together

Initial ideas: Things coming together, being together, working together. My storyboard focused on the direction of shots to connect video clips. I wanted to use footage I already had in my camera roll that conveyed “together” and then try to find directional relationships between the clips to sequence them.

After working on it for two weeks, I became frustrated because I kept wanting to find new clips in my camera roll instead of working with a small selection I had. I was having trouble having the video make sense because each clip subject was so different.


Angela Lian

Graphic design student at Boston University

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