1 Word 1000 Pictures Process

Angela Lian
3 min readFeb 12, 2020

My word: Together

Initial ideas: Things coming together, being together, working together. My storyboard focused on the direction of shots to connect video clips. I wanted to use footage I already had in my camera roll that conveyed “together” and then try to find directional relationships between the clips to sequence them.

After working on it for two weeks, I became frustrated because I kept wanting to find new clips in my camera roll instead of working with a small selection I had. I was having trouble having the video make sense because each clip subject was so different.

The guest speaker Vaish Kumar gave me great advice that helped me narrow down my ideas. First, she told me to stop looking for new clips. The ones I had were already strong enough and I just had to narrow down from there. The most important piece of advice she gave me was to manipulate a single video in multiple ways.

Alas, I had the idea of using a single 2-minute video clip of my friend and I dancing together. It tied into my three original concepts of coming together, being together, and working together. I decided I would splice parts of the video into 33 seconds using the technique of zooming into parts of the video that conveyed “together” whether it was with knees coming together, our bodies working together or us simply being together in the same space.

The constraint of only using two videos helped me find new avenues of defining the theme. Although it may look a little abstract at first, I think it is understood that the way I framed the clips conveyed my word.

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